Il Giogo

The apartment was recently converted from part of the ground floor of the house inhabited by the family of the farmhouse’s owner and consists of a spacious living-room cum kitchen with a large window opening out onto the front garden, one double bed-room and a large bath-room.
The large 30 square metre living-room is furnished with typical old peasant furniture pieces featuring an original yoke (giogo in Italian) which the apartment was named after; the yoke was once used for work on the fields with Chianina oxen and belonged to the owner’s grandfather.
The double bed-room overlooks the rear lawn and the path leading to the swimming-pool and faces north enjoying thus continuous shade and ensuring coolness and tranquillity in the summer-time. A small area in front of the apartment’s entrance sheltered during the day by the shade of a century-old holm-oak provides guests with a comfortable space to rest or dine outdoors.

Agriturismo  Cortona - Il Giogo
Agriturismo  Cortona
Agriturismo  Cortona
Agriturismo  Cortona



Agriturismo AGRO CENTORIO, Tuscany Italy - Loc. Centoia n° 145 - 52044 Cortona (AR)
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