Itinerary 2:
Trasimeno Lake
(20 km - 15 Minuts)


Lake Trasimeno, a lake of quaternary residual geological origin framed by gentle Umbrian rolling hills, is central Italy’s largest lake, with a total surface of 128 square
Kilometres and a maximum depth of 6 metres. The lake includes three islands, two of which may be reached by ferry from one of the towns lying along the coast. The lake area is comprised within the Parco Regionale del Lago Trasimeno, a park of great natural and landscape interest, offering its visitors fine walking, cycling and biking tracks immersed in the natural beauty of the country which allow to fully appreciate the territory from a historical, environmental, artistic and gastronomic point of view.
Several villages perched around ancient medieval fortifications are scattered along the shores, each offering a peculiar story relating to the lake which still represents, for many, a good fishing resource.


TrasimenoIsola Maggiore
Not far from the shores of Passignano sul Trasimeno lies the only inhabited island of the lake, featuring a 15th century original village. Isola Maggiore was the destination of one of St. Francis's hermitages; here the Saint spent 40 days in fasting and prayer before pursuing his journey to Cortona and later on to Babylon. The island can be easily reached by ferry from Passignano or Tuoro and its an ideal resort for relax and to enjoy unusual views of the lake.

TrasimenoIsola Polvese
Located right off the shores of San Feliciano, Isola Polvese is the lake’s largest island and it is currently uninhabited. Its territory is scattered with remains of ancient settlements ranging from Etruscan times to the period of the Olivetan monks which founded here around 1100 a monastery and covered great part of the island with groves of olive trees, the symbol of the order. A location of great natural interest, immersed in the quiet of the lake the island is an ideal wintering area for a number of aquatic bird species which may found here shelter and food in its reed thickets and Holm-oak groves.


Castiglione del LagoCastiglione del Lago (16 Km)
Perched on a limestone spur overlooking the lake, the town is dominated by a medieval fortress, a symbol of the power of the Crogna family which even held sway over Perugia for some time.


PassignanoPassignano (20 Km)
An old village gathered around the walls of a fortress; a very charming town for its narrow alleyways in the older part and its board walk along the waterfront Passignano is an ideal departure point for visits to the islands.

PanicalePanicale (25 Km)
This small typically medieval town is a real artistic jewel with its palaces and churches embellished with significant works of art; worth seeing is the church of San Sebastiano frescoed by the Perugino.


TuoroTuoro (13 Km)
Local tradition has it that in front of this town, lying a few miles away from the lake shores, took place, in 217 B.C., the Battle of lake Trasimeno, a battle that has come down through history in the words of Livius and Plutarcus, where the roman army suffered a crushing defeat by Hannibal’s cartaginian troops and Flaminius’s legions were completely annihilated. Over 16000 were killed and amongst them the Consul himself.

Itinerary 1:
(11 km - 15 Minuts)
Itinerary 2:
Il Lago Trasimeno
(20 km - 15 Minuts)
Itinerary 3:
Il Rinascimento del Gusto
(20 km - 30 Minuts)


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